REALM Collaborative: Guest Speakers

On Thursday, February 16th we had the chance to sit down (not) face-to-face with Nick Gilliland and Carmine Russo of REALM Collaborative in Columbus, OH.  A relatively new firm – as in four weeks old – REALM is still establishing itself as a player in the landscape architecture and urban design industries of central Ohio.  From the start it seems like an interesting choice to start a new firm in a city that already has several well established power-house firms for landscape, architecture, and urban design, many of which have well-developed and loyal client bases.  So we are left to ask: How do three OSU graduates plan to create their niche in such a competitive market?  They are too new to have any built work behind them.  They are a small group with only three members. First impressions don’t seem to startle or wow the would-be client.  In the end, I think it comes down to the drive and determination of the firm’s three masterminds.

Each member brings with them experience from prior employment and they share common experiences and goals.  The dynamic of the group also appears strong from the get-go, each individual bringing to the table a unique yet compatible personality and view of where the firm should head.  In a few years time there is substantial potential for REALM Collaborative to see significant growth in market strength and reputation if its three fearless leaders are able to steer it in the right direction.


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